Speciality Endoscopy & Gastroneterology

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Department of Endoscopy & Gastroneterology

We have an exclusive department of Endoscopy & Gastroenterology with most modern Endoscopes & Colonscopes. All types of Diagnostic & Therapeutic procedures are done in the department.

Endoscopy procedures are done for the conditions like burning pain in the abdomen, or belching. Gaseious distention of abdomen or Haemetemesis (Blood in vomit) or Malena (Blood in stools). These symptoms relate to hyper acidity, ulcer or cancer in the stomach, or duodenum or intestine. Many times the complaints of the patient are not suggesting of any specific disease but on Endoscopy Examination they are found to be suffering from some type of ulcer or even cancer.

We can also do therapeutic ERCP of Pancreatu-biliary diseases (like obstructive jaundice due to some or cancer of the Biliary tract).

It can also be used for injection at the sight of ulcer or applying a Varicoccal band ligation of blood vessels in the cases of blood vomiting, cancer or liver, small tumors like polyp etc. of stomach, intestines can be excised with procedures, specially in the case of high operative risk patients. This is an OPD procedure and dose not require any admission.

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Dr. Bhooshan Pandit M.S. (Med, DM, Gastroenterology)  


Dr. Surath Patra (M.B.B.S. MS,FMAS,DIP,STRT, DIMO)




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Health check-up plans according to the need of the patients.

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Cashless facility for payment (Through TPA)
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What Our Client says...

"Let me express my thanks and appreciation for the timely efforts and hard work put forth by hospital staff  in connection with patient care. Thank you for your continued help"

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